1955 Willys Pickup Truck for Sale – 58,238 Miles

I just spotted a beautiful 1955 Willys pickup truck for sale on eBay. It is a fully restored with red color on the wheel and and on the exterior. Looks like the auction will be ending in 2 hours.

VIN : 5526815125
Mileage : 58,238 miles
Seller Location : Boston
Selling at : eBay
Link : SOLD!

Looking at the picture, I noticed that the exterior was restored pretty well, but the interior and the inside the engine hood isn't too impressive. Although the seller claims the truck is rust free, but I do see some rust! Before you place a bid, make sure that you view all pictures listed there.

If you are reading this post after October 2, 2008, this truck would be no longer available for sale. If that's the case, please visit our "Willys Pickup Trucks for Sale" page for current auctions.

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