1952 Willys M38A1 Military Jeep for Sale

eBay seller, bozwell13, is selling a beautifully restored 1952 Willys M38A1 Jeep with low reserve. The auction ends on September 29th, 2008.   Take a look at the picture of the Jeep for sale.

VIN : 26741
Seller Location : Durango, Colorado
Selling at : eBay
Link : SOLD!

The seller restored the Willys with lots of new parts such as rebuilt transmission, clutch, brakes, alternator, and 5 new Kelsey Hayes wheels. There are a few components that are not working, so make sure to read the description carefully before you place a bid. The seller clearly explained what is working and what is not.

See more pictures and complete descriptions of 1952 Willys M38A1 Jeep by clicking the link below :


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Willys M38A1 Parts

Jeep Willys M38 M38A1 MB GPW Solid OD Green steering wheel NOT Painted 800737
Willys Jeep M38 M38A1 M170 Battery retainer NOS Late G758 style
Jeep Willys M38 M38A1 Double pulley water pump NEW US Made 945142


  1. This is not a real military Jeep. The military Jeeps have a 9 space grill and not 7, like this Jeep.

  2. Dan Davies says:

    I own a M38A1 Jeep in excellent condition and I have restored it military standards. I show it in car shows, parades and I need a complete emergency brake set. I have found that my ratchet teeth are chipped & will not hold the jeep in park. Do you know where I can get one? Let me know.
    Thank you
    Dan Davies

  3. Im looking for back seat for Willys cj2a in South Africa to buy

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