1948 Willys Jeep CJ2A for Sale

Another Willys CJ2A appeared on eBay for sale.  This Jeep is in great condition looking at the pictures and from the description the seller wrote.  A rare one.  The seller, oldenglishcarscom isn't the first owner of the Jeep, but he purchased it from a seller about a year ago and kept it clean inside a dry garage.

VIN : 166086
Mileage : 0 (Seller not sure)
Seller Location : Asheville, NC (But can be delivered anywhere in the US and UK)
Selling at : eBay
Link : SOLD!

The seller is advertising locally as well, so expect the auction to end sooner. He also added "Buy It Now" option to the auction at $6,425.00 If this fits your budget, don't wait until the auction ends. The price looks reasonable.

According to the seller, this Willys Jeep CJ2A drives and stops well and the engine is in good condition. Also, it comes with a set of almost new tires.

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  1. Have you sold the jeep yet? I only live 35 miles away in Burnsville. Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Have you sold the jeep yet? Am really interested. Only live 35 miles away in Burnsville.


  3. Rafael Suarez says:

    Interested in buying this Jeep, please call for arrengement at 504-455=0402 or 504-258=0427.



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